Weight of our Wall Decor

Here you can find an indication of the weight per m² of our Wall Decor. Please, note that this information does not include the Mounting.

  • Acrylic glass 4 mm: 4.80 kg/m² (Acrylic cover of the Professional Line Photo Books)
  • Acrylic glass 5 mm: 5.95 kg/m²
  • Metal Print 3 mm: 3.45 kg/m² 
  • Brushed Metal Print 3 mm: 3.80 kg/m²
  • PVC foamboard 5 mm: 2.85 kg/ m²
  • PVC foamboard 10 mm: 5.70 kg/m²
  • GalleryPrint: 5.80 kg/m²


Mounting options weight:

  • Standard mounting: mounting plates are 70x70 mm; approx. 39.4 g, with a load capacity of 3 kg per piece
  • Floating Frames: approx. 326.5 g per linear meter. Example for a 40x30 Wall Decor:
    • Length of the sides of the frame are: two sides 43.6 cm + two sides 33.6 cm. That equals 154.4 cm.
    • 1.544 x 326.5 yields an approx. 504 g per linear meter.
  • Weight of the Aluminium Subframe: approx. 190.5 g per linear meter


Since the size of the mounting options is calculated dynamically depending on the product size, we are unable to provide further information.